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My migration experience begun very early in my life. The first migrations were only few small steps in my own country but they were forced because I followed my parents. When you don't choose, it's difficult. I was full of anger. I saw only the negative. 

During a lot of years, I was really angry against my parents. Finally, later, I decided on my own to move, more far, in some other countries. These choices, I made them to find my self, to learn more, to discover, to become independant. 

I realized, if I wasn't accustomed to move, to adapt me, will I have had the courage to make these choices? Now, I'm greatfull to be able to know the feeling of moving, to be more or less prepared and to be more open to know different people. It's not always black or white like I was thinking when I was a child, it also builds you and prepare you for the future, your future! 

Now I enjoy my luck to be in Italy for few months. 

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