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Who am I?

Hello I'm Ghada and I was born in Tunisia, now residing in France since 2007.

I was lucky to understand that there were associations that helped women and foreingners, and I often turned to them because it was really a recourse and a relief!
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The desire to make it!

I was born in Tunisia and have spent most of my life there as an auxiliary and caregive. When I arrived in France for family reasons, I first wanted to learn the language in order to find a place to live and a job. Several obstacles stood in my way, but I was able to overcome them thanks to hard work and my "desire to get out of it", by surrounding myself with the right people and by participating in several programs and community training programs. Today, I'm at the head of a world cuisine restaurant and a solidarity grocery store!

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My top tip! Never neglect your skills. Integration on one side only is unfair. All the people who come from all over the world have skills. We can always learn from the other.

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