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Dance of Life! 


I like to think at my migration story as a dance, a dance of life. 

My style is not yet defined. 

I started with small clumsy steps, I left my home antered another one. The dance there was different, the music was loud, it was powerful, it scared me, the steps were strong and I had trouble fiiting in, my steps did not match, my dance was slow. I left. 

My style is not yet defined. 

I changed the country. At first it was a mess. I could not understand the music, the language, the steps were different. I learned, I practiced, I did better. It was not my style. I left. 

I went back home, I recognized the dance, I danced. But it was not my place, not yet. I left. 

I find myself back again in another country. Another dance, another music, another steps. 

I stay, I dance, I learn. 

I am finding my style. 


What I am descovering right now is that, it`s not the place that matters, but what you do in that place matters the most. 

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