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It took me a number of moves to get better at fitting in somehow. This last time, I decided to hit the ground running! I looked up women’s groups, language courses, adult education, international groups, galleries, museums - I signed up for stuff to make connections. Having people to share experiences, whether experiences of living abroad or just plain new experiences was important for me to help feel a sense of belonging.

Learning the language is really important but I think it helps to think of it as communicating effectively rather than being word perfect. Take it easy on yourself but keep working on it however you can.

I have very lucky to move around by choice (because of husband’s work). It’s not easy having to start a fresh several times over but this is balanced out to a degree with the many life enriching experiences, meeting people from so many other backgrounds and stretching that old comfort zone. 

The road less travelled can be lonely and challenging but “oh, the places you’ll go”.

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