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Who am I?

Hello my name is Anita from Albania and I've been living in Italy since 2008.

Learning the language is fundamental for the success. Knowing the language gives the opportunity to be autonomous!
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I moved to Italy from Albania with my family as my grandparents and uncles already lived in Italy. I struggled to fit in at first as I was not like everybody else, which made me feel like an outsider. People would sometimes make fun of me if I did not understand. However, I committed myself to developing friendships, which also helped me with learning Italian. Today I feel like a part of Italian society. My values are the ones I developed as a child, such as the importance of friendship and staying true to my word. My experience helped me develop my professional career.

My top tip! Decide what you want and go for it! Build your own community searching for other migrant women, then understand what are the common needs and find a solution to them.

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