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Who am I?

Hello! I am Liliya. I was born in Ukraine, but I have been living in the UK since 2018.

“Never, ever give up. Take things step by step. Everything will be fine!”
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Becoming a fashion model

I have a master’s degree in Economic Relations obtained in Ukraine. But, in my new life in Sheffield (UK) I decided to change my field of work. I became a fashion model. I have always had a passion for fashion, style and trends, especially upcycling clothes to create new looks. So after 18 years of working in a commercial role in an international manufacturing company, I changed my career to become involved in fashion.

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“My top tip! If you are new to a country, firstly, don’t sit at home: explore the city. Even a simple walk to the park will help you to be more confident. Finding a volunteer role that you enjoy doing can be another way to socialise with your local community”

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