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Hello, I am coming from Malaysia, a tropical country that gets a lot of sunshine :) I am currently in Switzerland working as a PhD student in the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department of EPFL. Moving to Switzerland is a beautiful experience for me because the nature in Switzerland is stunning. I also realized how much the Swiss loves outdoor activities which surprisingly is not how I grew up. So now I go hiking in the Swiss Alps in summer and snowboarding in the winter! I also enjoy the variety of cheese in Switzerland and the quality of chocolate. Integrating into the Swiss life was not very difficult for me because this is not the first time that I am away from my home, Malaysia. I have spent 4 years in Scotland and a year in Norway. All these places have shown me that although the culture, the beliefs and food are different, fundamentally we are all human with same needs. As for the future, I hope I can travel to many places around the world and meet more new people (after the pandemic, of course).

Currently, I am also working on a Podcast series called The Real Job by Ari. I aim to bring out more professional women to talk about their careerS in this podcast so that others who are listening can be inspired by these stories and maybe even pursue the same paths. I also want this podcast to be a platform where we appreciate the working women and their contribution to the society. 

Here are the links to my podcast, please feel free to listen and drop me a comment at aritherealjob@gmail.com



Enjoy! :D

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