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My name is Samira. I am Algerian and I emigrated to France at the age of 23 to study at Assas University in the field of multimedia and communication.

It was a dream to come to France for this course, it requires a good level of French. In Algiers I had a degree in communication in a journalism institute, so this trip was a logical continuation of my career. I passed a French press diploma and then a renowned master's degree.

The first times of integration were quite hard, but some encounters avoid the loneliness.

After graduation, I applied to several communication and event companies. This allowed me to work in import-export with the Algerian market.

I am now in the process of reconversion in the culinary field. For me, cooking has a strong family connotation. I learned to cook during Ramadan, during which you need a menu per day for 30 days. I started to go into the kitchen, to participate, to have recipes exchanged with my family... It takes a lot of patience, passion. I draw from all the Berber soil: there are several ways to make the same recipe; you have to be open to several ways of doing it.

I work part-time on my project, Berber kitchen. In parallel, I am developing a second project, Berber souk, to sell Berber cooking equipment. I found contacts in Marrakech but we have to organize the logistics behind it. I want to start with a small online store, to stay on a human scale. The products are selected, worked, by Maghreb artisans.

In my opinion, any experience is good to take. I use the relational and communication skills I have acquired through my studies and work. It is important to have a creative spirit, to get out of the box.

I migrated and had to deal with other pucks, other tastes, so I adapted and created new combinations, because life is fusion!

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