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The Journey of No Return

Once upon a time tere was a creature. She could not be named, only described as not existing within the earthly realm. A mighty and all encompassing inhabitant of the underworld, surrounded by the most mystical and absurd creatures to have walked the land. She assumed the role of mother, caretaker, and leader of the lost - although she herself was somewhat lost.

When leading the lost to their final resting place, she was known to be a nymph-like sight. Her wings lifted by her wispy and fluid movement; daring and powerful. Yet, these wings and this presence were precisely what restrained her from exiting the underworld.

You see, the lost souls that she would lead wanted to be free, to be found, and to return to their final resting place. They did not want to acquire the heaviness of flight nor of responsibilty to those before them.

One gloomy evening, when she had led one soul to their final resting place, before they had materialised they turned to her and said:

Why do you fear this - materialising, being seen? Leave this purgatory and be free!"

At first, she reacted with a quiet rage that could only be recognised by the rippling sensation in her wings. Then, the creature gently touched her translucent side and said with a child-like innocence and joy:

"Oh, won't you come with me, great spirit of the underworld? Come with me and you can be more than you have ever dreamed or witnessed!"

At this precise moment, it was as if the multiple realms had collided with an incredible force as multiple bolts of lightning appeared all around them. They glowed and lit the exit of the underworld and the entrance of the earthly realm.

Perhaps it was her willful naivety or her hopeful yearning for the moment of being seen that made her see this as a sign to proceed into the earthly realm. 

"I will come with you, my dear lost soul", she said cautiously. "I myself want to be found. Allow me to be your companion in actualisation."

With those words, hher arms became fully visible as ams and her legs followed suit. Her face became framed by golden kinks and curls, and her skin shone like freshly polished mahogany.

She had finally become with was intended for her. The fear has left her and she was free.

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