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The smell and the taste of a cake can fly you home in a second.

My favorite recipes are the ones I learned from my mom. The apple cake we just call granny's apple cake. It is soooooo delicious! It takes me back to my childhood!

You are going to need 2kg of sour apple. Peel it and slice it into small (0.5 cm) cubes. In another bowl stir well 250g of margarine, until it feels fluffy. Add 5 eggs, 250g of sugar, 15g vanilla sugar, and stir it well. Then add 350g flour and 15g baking powder. In the end, add the sliced apple. Put the dough in a greased baking sheet for 30 minutes in a good warm oven. Till it gets ready mix 200g of powdered sugar with 2-3 spoon of water. When you take the cake out from the oven smooth the mixture over the top of the hot cake.


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